Patient Counseling Information

Dear Licensed Pharmacists:

The Georgia Pharmacy Practice Act states in Section 26-4-85(b) that: "Upon receipt of a prescription drug and following a review of the patient's record, the pharmacist or the pharmacy intern operating under the direct supervision of the pharmacist shall personally offer to discuss matters which will enhance or optimize drug therapy with each patient or caregiver of such patient. Such discussion shall be in person, whenever practicable, or by telephone and shall include appropriate elements of patient counseling, based on the professional judgment of the pharmacist." Based on information compiled in cases related to consumer complaints, the Board is aware that this important part of the law is not being adhered to. In most cases, if the patient or caregiver had been counseled, the misfill of prescriptions would not have occurred or would not have left the pharmacy.

The Board has instructed the Special Agents of the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency to make a concerted effort to determine if pharmacies are in compliance with this particular section of the law.

Pharmacists and/or pharmacies will be cited for patient counseling violations and will be subject to penalties and sanctions.


The Georgia State Board of Pharmacy