Notice of Public Hearing to Adopt Proposed Rule Chapter 480-34-.04

July 12, 2013


Notice is hereby given that pursuant to the authority set forth below, the Georgia tate Board of Pharmacy (hereinafter ··Board") proposes amendments to the Georgia Board of Pharmacy Rules, Chapter 480-34-.04 SYNTHETIC CANNABINOID (hereinafter ·'proposed amendments").

This notice, together with an exact copy of the proposed rules and a synopsis ofthe proposed rules, is being forwarded to all persons who have requested, in writing, that they be placed on an interested parties list. A copy of this notice, an exact copy of the proposed rules. and a synopsis of the proposed rules may be reviewed during normal business hours of 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. Monday through Friday, except official State holidays, at the Department of Community Health at 2 Peachtree Street,
NW., Atlanta, Georgia, 30303. These documents will also be available for review on the Georgia State Board of Pharmacy's web page at

A public hearing will be held on the Proposed Amendment to Georgia State Board of Pharmacy Rule 480-34-.04 on August 21, 2013 at 1PM at the South University School of Pharmacy, 709 Mall Blvd, Savannah, GA 31406 to provide the public and opportunity to comment upon and provide input into the proposed rules. At the public hearing anyone may present data, make a statement, comment or offer a viewpoint or argument whether orally or in writing. Lengthy statements or statements of a considerable technical or economic nature, as well as previously recorded messages, must be submitted for the official record. Oral statements should be concise and will be limited to 5 minutes per person. Additional comments should be presented in writing. Written comments are welcome. To ensure their consideration, written comments may be received prior to August 14, 2013. Written comments should be addressed to Executive Director, of the Georgia State Board of Pharmacy at 2 Peachtree Street NW., Atlanta,
Georgia 30303 FAX :678-717-6694.

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