Checking the Review of Documents in Support of an Application

December 26, 2013

The Georgia Board of Pharmacy (“Board”) has begun offering a new online service: the ability to check the review of documents in support of an application.  Beginning December 26, all initial applicants can view the checklist of documents required for applications and the dates of completed review of the documents.  Any applicant interested in viewing the checklist for his/her application should consult the following link, which is also available through the Board website:  After logging in with his/her user ID and password, an applicant should select the option “View Checklist” to see the list of documents received and reviewed in support of his/her application.  A “Completed” status and a “Complete Date” indicate that a document has both been received and reviewed by a licensing analyst.  Please be advised that review of documents can take up to twenty-one (21) business days after receipt by the Board before updates are made to the checklist.  Please also be advised that some applications require additional review by the Board after review by a licensing analyst.  As such, an indication of a “Completed” checklist item or checklist may not be absolute until final Board review.