The Georgia Composite Medical Board (GCMB) released documents and forms required by HB 504, which requires all vaccine protocols to be filed with the Board effective July 1, 2015. The Board worked closely with other agencies to develop the materials to ensure continuity of the provision of immunizations to the public.

The bill requires pharmacists and nurses who are parties to a vaccine protocol to hold current certification in Basic Cardiac Life Support, complete certain training, and to maintain individual liability insurance of at least $250,000. Each pharmacist and nurse who is a party to a protocol must also submit a notarized affidavit to the delegating physician attesting to compliance with the law’s liability insurance, certification, and training requirements, and identifying the location or locations in which the pharmacist or nurse will administer vaccinations pursuant to the vaccine protocol agreement.

Each vaccine protocol agreement must be submitted to the Board, along with the affidavits and proof of individual liability insurance. Protocol agreements must be renewed biennially.