The Secretary of State's Office has accepted the filing of the Board's amendments to, and issued effective dates for the following Rules of the Georgia Board of Pharmacy:

GA Board of Pharmacy Effective Dates
Rule Effective Date
480-9-.03. Conditions February 28, 2023
480-13-.06. Drug Distribution Control February 28, 2023
480-15-.02. Registration of Pharmacy Technicians and Continuing Education Requirements February 20, 2023
480-15-.03. Use of Registered Pharmacy Technicians and Other Pharmacy Personnel February 28, 2023
480-22-.07. Requirements of Schedule III, IV and V (C-III, IV, V) Controlled Substance Prescription Drug Orders February 28, 2023
480-28-.10. Loss or Theft of Controlled Substances February 20, 2023
480-31-.01. Patient Counseling February 28, 2023
480-34-.15. Additional Compounds Under Schedule V* February 28, 2023

*Repeal of Rule 480-34-.15 will be effective upon the date noted above.