The Georgia Board of Pharmacy ("Board") seeks to remind pharmacy licensees in this time of emergency that the Download this pdf file. Board's Policy #14 providers for the refill of certain medications for up to 30 days for persons in the areas covered by the State of Emergency declared by Governor Kemp. This policy is consistent with O.C.G.A. § 26-4-80(j) and the Download this pdf file. Governor's Emergency Declaration . This statement is consistent with previous hurricane and severe weather emergency statements issued by the Board.

The Board seeks to clarify that persons who are evacuated from those emergency areas may also receive a 30-day refill of medication by a Georgia pharmacy or pharmacist without risk of disciplinary action by the Board, provided:

  1. The refill is not for a controlled substance;
  2. In the pharmacist's professional judgement, the prescription drug is essential to the maintenance of the patient's life or to the continuation of therapy;
  3. The pharmacist makes a good faith effort to reduce the information to a form that may be maintained for the time required by law or rule, indicates it is an "emergency refill prescription," and maintains the records as required by state and federal law and as required by state and federal disaster agencies for consideration for possible reimbursement programs implemented to ensure continued provision of care during a disaster or emergency;
  4. The pharmacist informs the patient or the patient's agent at the time of dispensing that the prescription drug is being provided without the practitioner's authorization and that authorization of the practitioner is required for future refills; and 
  5. As emergency conditions permit, the pharmacist notifies the practitioner that the refill occurred.