Renew Online

You may now renew your license or registration online. If you submit a timely and complete renewal application on or before December 31, 2020, your status online will change from “active” to “active-renewal pending” after submission of the renewal application. “Active-Renewal Pending” does not mean that the license or registration has lapsed, is inactive, is deficient, or invalid in any way. Rather, “Active-Renewal Pending” status merely reflects that the Board has received a timely renewal application.  You may continue to practice on a license or registration under “Active-Renewal Pending” status.  However, if your license or registration status is “Lapsed-Late Renewal,” you cannot lawfully practice and must cease and desist immediately. 

Please be reminded that the Board no longer issues pocket license cards upon the renewal of a license or registration. You may download a PDF copy of and print a pocket license card a reasonable time after the renewal of a license or registration from the Board’s website, free of charge:  You may verify licensure or registration using the “License Verification” feature available under “Online Services” on the Board’s website.  You may also order a pocket license card using the “Duplicate License-License Verification Order Form” that appears under “Applications and Forms” on the Board’s website, but a twenty-five dollar ($25) fee must be paid for production and shipment of the card.  Please expect seven (7) to ten (10) business days for delivery.


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